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Folkmanis® Puppets is the most innovative, creative puppet maker in the world since 1976. The company’s line includes a virtual menagerie of plush pets and friendly wildlife friends with new designs constantly on the drawing board.

A North American beauty, the Folkmanis® Snowy Owl puppet is a real head-turner. With the post inside, rotate the head 360° or you animate the wings and let your imagination soar. Take flight with your furry friend out in nature or snuggle up together with a good book.

  • Special Features:  Movable wings & head rotates
  • Approx. Measurement:  21" x 10" x 9"
  • Sku:  2236
  • Final Sale

Fun Facts:  The snowy owl is found from the north of Greenland to the south shores of Hudson Bay and along the northern perimeters of Alaska and Canada, and also in the tundra areas of Siberia and Scandinavia.