"Sale" Aurora x Palm Pals - Pisces Shooting Star Plush Toy 33622

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Aurora makes high quality plush toys and gift products for children and adults. Their stuffed animals have soft and fluffy touch with sweet lovable facial expression. The cuddling experience is amazing!

  • Aurora Palm Pals Collection - Perfection in the palm of your hand, Palm Pals are fun-sized plushies eager to make your acquaintance.
  • Made from high quality materials for a soft, fluffy touch.
  • Hold bean pellets suitable for all ages to ensure my quality and stability.
  • Approx. Measurement:  5"
  • Sku:  33622
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In another life time, Pisces found her soulmate. Now, she's dreaming of her one true pairing. Pisces is a romantic lost-soul flying around until she spots her soulmate once again.