Dept 56 Snowbabies - The Perfect Christmas Presents Porcelain Figurine 6014128

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Adorable and popular Snowbabies® bring an endearing personality to the sweet simplicity of childhood. Each Snowbabies piece is carefully designed to ensure a sentiment of love, friendship and inspiration. For more than 30 years, Department 56 artist Kristi Jensen Pierro has captured the beauty and splendor of winter in her classic Snowbabies collection. Each piece tells its own story. It’s the story that makes each Snowbabies special and unique.

  • Material:  Porcelain Bisque
  • Approx. Measurement:  2.83" H
  • Sku:  6014128

Part of the new Christmas Jubilee collection, this Snowbaby is putting their new toys to the test. Ready, set, GO! Designed in the US by Kristi Jensen Pierro.